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Packaging has always played a special role in the art of gift giving. Well-designed packaging has the wonderful ability to transform any product, as well as the ethos behind a brand. Packaging means an item goes from simply being a product, to being an experience; one that brings a wishful sentiment with it. The joy of unwrapping a gift evokes feelings of surprise and excitement, as we wonder what might be inside. It also represents the love and care that our loved one has put into their ideas, taking the time to consider what would lift our spirits.


The age of social media has introduced a new era that encourages us to share with others. From sentiments to thoughts and wishes, we are now more used to staying in touch than ever. As human connection is now at our fingertips, brands understand that they must go deeper in designing experiences that go above and beyond what can be expressed online. The tactile experience of gifting and receiving is something that cannot be fully experienced through the digital world. 

Creating these heartwarming moments means a lot to brands. Each of our carefully combined collections are therefore wrapped in beautiful packaging that will delight your loved ones. Upon receiving an Onacara box, you find yourself wondering what the story is inside. Paired with the whimsical flower, the tactile experience in opening up your carefully selected gifts plays a lovely role in this experience. The visual stimulation of design is combined with bespoke cards that tell a story - the story behind our brand and each product. We want to inspire through gifting, bringing together the wonderful world of design and nature.

We explain the meaningful symbolism behind our flower selections, linking this to the concepts behind our artists’ designs. In bringing these wonderful elements together, it has been essential to focus on how packaging brings value to the gifting experience.

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