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Lucy Brown

‘’Create different feelings with flowers ‘’

Lucy Brown, is an interior designer, daughter of a florist, and absolutely loves flowers. They fill her professional and personal life.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with her for a coffee at her stunning new house she converted from an old Chapel. With its high ceilings, original large windows, and interior detailing the house is impressive and absolutely beautiful. She has tastefully used flowers and plants throughout the house adding fantastic detail.

Our chat was about flowers and her tips for using them indoors and outdoors.


I can see you use lots of flowers on your projects and in your own house. Which flowers do you like and how do you choose them?

I love flowers a lot. My mum was a florist, so I grew up around flowers. I love using them in every room. Not lots of colours, more structure and design.

I like using sculptural flowers like proteas, hydrangeas. They have a strong look.



How do you choose flowers?

Every project is different.

I play alot with balance and using height. If I use two vases together in a kitchen, I’ll use one bold and short, and the other long and sculptural.

If the room has wood, like in the kitchen, I’ll use pastel colours, with textured and layered flowers such as proteas.


Flowers add balance to shelving too. The height and size are very important, the flower should be ⅔ of the height of the shelf space. And, I never use two symmetrical flowers on the same shelf. Flowers should be in balance with everything else. I prefer using three pots, instead of 2, for example too.

I’ll use flowers in every room and coordinate their colour and style.

Are there trends with flowers? Do you follow them?

At the moment dusty colours, like orange and dark pink, are in. And I use a combination of dry and fresh flowers. Dried or artificial flowers do have a place but fresh flowers are my choice.

I’ve used artificial flowers in my garden too, they’re mixed with real plants. So, even in the winter, I can still see ‘green’ when I look out from the kitchen.



What role do flowers play in your interior design projects?

I’ll use flowers in every room. Once you choose the furniture and fittings, it’s difficult to change them. But cushions, vases and flowers add height, texture and can instantly transform a room.

“Flowers express different feelings and emotions.”


Flowers add softness and contrast beautifully with the structure and solidity of the furniture. Adding flowers evokes strong emotions which transform a room or house.




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  • I see she is a real artist with a great taste of esthetics, colors & combinatios are all touching my heart. Thanks to Onacara to introduce Lucy 👍

    Esra Gucuyener on

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