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Shapes are all around us. They make up our homes, the natural environment, even the products we love. Think back to your childhood home, to the rectangular shapes that made up the door, the windows… Shapes and the structures they create make up a significant part of our human experience, from memories to creativity itself.


At Onacara, we inspire others to appreciate great design. We want you to pause, to consider the connections between contemporary design and the natural world. One thing these two elements both have in common is obvious: Shapes! Our latest collection is based on the beauty of shapes. Join us as we take a look at how their wonderful simplicity designs our everyday lives.


Shapes are used in many ways within contemporary art. In architecture, we see how rounded forms and simple lines are skilfully placed. These structures build up the landscapes around us, merging into the backdrop of the natural world. In paintings, we see the fluid lines combined with solid shapes. These artworks make their way into our homes, allowing us to enhance our own spaces with the simplicity of shapes.

 Pierre Cardin Bubble House

Contemporary artists such as Pierre Cardin are a key inspiration for the Shapes collection. His architectural explorations have influenced many over the years. With rounded silhouettes and circular forms, his works are truly a celebration of shapes.


 Another leading designer, Joe Cesare Colombo, crafted abstract furniture with unexpected shapes. His minimal design ethos fits in perfectly with the modern interior. Interesting mixtures of shapes are paired with bright pops of colour, bringing the beauty of shapes to life.

Designers and artists look towards the shapes found in the natural world for inspiration. This helps them to design structures that sit nicely within it. Consider the delicate petals of a flower, how their shape complements the rounded ceramic vase they’re placed in. Designers have a keen eye for composition, working out how shapes flatter one another. Our shapes collection is inspired by these creative combinations. Transform your home and style with our carefully matched Onacara gift boxes, inspired by the beauty of shapes. Brighten a loved ones’ day, or even your own with a little treat for yourself!

Stay connected to explore our upcoming Shapes collection, and the flowers we’ve paired to match our favourite contemporary designs. We hope we can spread the joy, celebrating the wonder of shapes with you and your loved ones. Keep up to date with our collections by following our Instagram, @onacara_london.

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