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How do Onacara Flowers Make Their Journey?

At Onacara, we love storytelling. We enjoy wondering about little everyday things. From the small details, like choosing a necklace to wear in the morning, to the vast beauty of changing seasons… We find that nature and design are always a part of our story. 

As a brand, we combine these stories, bringing together natural elements with contemporary design. This is a part of our philosophy. Each Onacara box infuses the beauty of fresh flowers with well-designed objects and accessories. 

While we enjoy these little everyday stories, it’s lovely to take a moment. We think about the stories these items tell, the symbolic meaning behind each flower. Each flower has its own story… Its own journey.

So, as we enjoy the magic of flowers this season, we’d like to share the stories they tell. Here, we’ll share the story of how our Onacara flowers make their little journey to your loved ones’ doorsteps.

We thought long and hard about how to make each flower’s journey comfortable. We want to deliver them happily blooming in their boxes, ready for you to enjoy. 

That’s why all our fresh flowers spend just under one day in the Onacara box. Aiming to keep each journey short, our boxes are delivered via special delivery. This means each flower is carefully packed on the exact same day as you receive them.



Along the way, we make sure they’re kept safe by adding a few special touches…

We pack our flowers with breathable air holes, as they love fresh air. Just as we do.

We also dress them in a special wrap, designed to nourish the flowers throughout their journey. The flower wraps are eco-friendly, so we deliver our lovely blooms while looking after the environment.

 Each box of fresh Onacara flowers is selected to make our customers happy! Here are a few tips on how you and your loved ones can keep your flowers happy, too:

    • First, gently remove the eco wrap and place your flowers in their vase.
    • Add one of the two flower foods to the vase, along with water.
    • 3 days later, keep the flowers nourished by using the second flower food.
    • Change the water each day, to let the story of your flowers continue in your home.
    •  Re-cut the stems at an angle every couple of days to keep them blooming healthily.


Sharing these stories, we include a bespoke flower card in each box. This allows us to continue the flowers’ story, as you read about their meaning. We include some extra care tips too, so you can take care of them in the best way possible – just like we did as they made their little journey to your home.

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