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There is a reason why flowers have always been, and will always be, a fantastic gift for your loved ones. Flowers in the home give us the feeling of being in a natural habitat. From the largest most luxurious homes, to the smallest of spaces, you will be able to find a floral selection to complete the room. Beautiful flowers soothe us and calm our mind, and we should never underplay the significance flowers have in interior design.


The purchases we make, the gifts we give, and the way we present our home gives others an insight into our mind. They set the tone for how we want others to perceive us.

Your environment plays a huge role when it comes to your mood, as admiring the beauty of flowers can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Filling your home with vibrant blooms can allow your mind to drift away from the strains of everyday life and enables you to unwind. This is why particular importance should be taken to florals in the bedroom.  

Cleverly selected floral displays are a simple and subtle, yet extremely powerful way to make a statement in the home. Be it gorgeous pink roses on by the bedside, or bright Celosia in the entrance hall. There is a spectrum of floral arrangements to align with your interiors, personality, and mood.

You will struggle to find a more welcoming aroma than that of fresh flowers. Soft, subtle smells dancing through your home. The welcoming scent provides the punctuation that signifies the end of the working day, and the return to the tranquillity of home.  

The florals you chose to have around your home should be intricately balanced. Pairing fresh flowers with the design and tone of your home has the ability to harmonize each room, making you feel more positive and content. One of the ways that flowers do this is by evoking memories. Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings are occasions we often receive flowers. Seeing fresh blooms around our home transports us back to a time of happiness and reminds us of our loved ones. This small and subconscious nod to joyful times sparks something inside the soul.

Interior design is fluid, it shifts and changes naturally as you grow, mature, and have new life experiences. Florals in the home lend themselves perfectly to this. 

Using flowers to enhance both interior design and wellness is hugely popular among celebrities. With the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson being fans of florals. They both proudly show that their love affair with flowers stems further than just interiors. Whether it be an elegant rose tattoo or combining their love for fashion and flowers in their outfit choices; their passion for florals shines through. 

The tones and colours in your floral arrangements can be used to tie the details of a room together or to continue a theme throughout your entire home. Fresh flowers in the home allow your style to grow, evolve and flow with the twists and turns of fashions, trends, and seasons.  

Onacara believes in the art of storytelling. Every purchase includes three key elements. A carefully selected gift, florals that complement the handcrafted design, and a story. This story allows you an insight into the life and work of the artist. We pride ourselves on providing gifts with personality.

 A gift from Onacara is an experience; inviting you to slow down just a little and embrace the small moments of life.




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