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Throughout thousands of years within the design world, flowers have been the influence behind countless iconic creations. Having provided an unwavering source of inspiration for millennia, the link between flowers and aesthetics is clear. At Onacara, we celebrate the beauty of flowers and their everlasting impact on the design world.

Flowers on Tiles

Nature has always been a ‘muse’ for those with creative minds. Flowers continuously renew themselves as the seasons come and go; it’s in their nature. This offers designers an endless cycle of inspiration. As the design-focused mind often requires the constant renewal of stimuli, flowers provide the perfect source of inspiration for crafting new designs and concepts.

The influence of the flower isn’t solely confined to the design world. They are symbolically significant, and each variety embodies a different meaning. Gifting flowers has been regarded as a symbol of love throughout history. With each of our thoughtful gift collections, we consider the symbolism behind each flower. We link this symbolism to the design world, as well as to your loved ones, too.

Single Flower

We are endlessly intrigued by how flowers have always motivated creative individuals to develop attractive new designs. We want to share this fascination with natural beauty, as well as the latest up-and-coming designers, with you. All of this is elegantly packaged together, creating the charming experience that is the Onacara box.

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