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                          Michal Kowalski

Michal Kowalski, is a Master Florist at Blooming Haus who, along with his business partner Michael D. launched their event management business in 2014 after many years in the florist industry.

Growing up in Poland he spent countless hours foraging in the countryside around his grandparent’s house. He remembers endless days tending to Grandma’s colourful garden, soaking up the sunset, sipping home-grown mint tea, eating crumble cake with homegrown plums, cherries or rhubarb. Her garden was always in bloom, a shock of stunning colours with different types of roses, dahlias, zinnias, forget-me-nots, clematis, or sweet peas climbing on a lamp post.

He went on to study Master Floristry in Switzerland and Austria, the course combined art and floristry – which meant studying Botanics, plant and flower knowledge, architectural styles, colour, principles of design, forms and shapes.

I recently attended one of his inspiring workshops at their Battersea studio. It’s always so exciting to learn more about flower arranging and listen to passionate florists.

The day started extremely early, but worth it, with a short trip to New Covent Garden Flower Market, where we discovered the freshest flowers in London.

                                     Battersea Flower Market

Life at the market starts at 3 am every day so if you want to visit as a buyer, you’ll need to get there well before 8 am.

During the workshop, Michal demonstrated how to make a beautiful arrangement. He then let us create our own. It was really interesting how each of us created something unique, to our own tastes and preferences.

What’s the connection between fashion and flowers?

Each flower has a different texture, colour and style. There’s a colour scheme in flowers, similar to fashion brands. Like Dior with soft pink combined with black as a symbol of luxury. Gucci and Prada both use different colour bands. You should choose the right colours for the right occasion, brand, or person.

                                         “Contrast brings good energy’’



Some basic flower tips from Michal’s workshop:

First, and Golden Rule: The leaves shouldn’t touch the water

Always remove any leaves on the stem touching the water.

Second Rule: Cut the stems at an angle


Third Rule: 1-1.6 proportion

This rule decides the heights of your flowers, against the height of your vase.

If the height of your vase is 10 cm, you can go up to 16 cm more. So in total, your flower height will be 26 cm.




 I would definitely recommend attending one of Michal’s workshops. Listening to him talk while he’s showing and creating stunning arrangements is worth your investment.

It’s really fun too, and a little challenging.

Plus, you’ll end the day with a giant flower arrangement of your own that you won’t believe you created!


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