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Vibrance in Colours 

The African continent is overflowing with vibrant patterns and colours. Inspiration is everywhere you look, from the effervescent lands of South Africa to the bustling streets of the Moroccan city of Marrakesh.

As a product of that endless inspiration comes Vibrance in Colours, a gift and flower collection full of optimism and positivity that evoke happiness and mark the beginning of a fresh start.

Celebrating Artwork Inspired by the Vibrant Patterns of Africa

Vibrance in Colours is inspired by the remarkable artwork of contemporary African and Moroccan artists influenced by Africa’s colourful lands. The hot desert sun, bustling streets, and vibrant traditional patterns and colours merge to create a rich world that leaves you speechless.

Our magnificent designers drew inspiration from Sam Rodriguez’s abstract portraits, Arshile Gorky’s abstract expressionism and surrealism, and Jack Whitten’s innovative experimentation with materiality in painting. The astounding artwork at the Zeitz MOCAA played a big part in bringing this unique collection to you.

The Rebirth of Nature: Spring 2021 Colour Trends

As nature is slowly waking up from its deep winter slumber, it marks new beginnings, renewed energy, and a new season of hope. Flowers are blooming again, painting the world in beautiful colours that lift your spirits and inspire artists to bring extraordinary ideas to life.

That’s what our new collection is all about: the creativity of different perspectives, the richness of diversity, and the complexity of cultures paired with bright colours like mango sorbet, magenta, and aqua blue that come together to bring contrast and vibrance to the collection.

No fashion ensemble this spring will be complete without these stunning colours. Whether it’s a bag, scarf, jewellery, or any other accessory, Vibrance in Colours is here to make every outfit spectacular.

Exotic flowers such as Proteas enrich our products and make for lovely gifts for anyone who enjoys fresh spring flowers at home decor. Rarely anything has such a power to put a smile on someone’s face.

Are you excited to explore the exquisite world of the African continent’s art? Check out our new collection today, and feel our passion for embracing diverse creativity!

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