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We love what the National Trust does in maintaining exquisite places of great historical significance all over the country. As they care for the places around us, the National Trust gives us family days out, history to explore with the kids, and endless moments of wonder at the stories within each space.

As it stands, many of The National Trust’s values also align with our own. They believe that the stories told by nature should be enjoyed by everyone, just like we do. 

Their work is centred around protecting places, caring for them so that these stories can continue to enlighten us all. Nature tells its own story in very charming ways, many of them fascinating adults and children alike. Nature documents the years of a tree’s growth with the rings formed inside the trunk. It brings us inspiration through the transformation of seasons, each with its own very unique sense of beauty. The National Trust shares stories by allowing us to view these perfect places, and they also give meaningful explanations for us to enjoy and share with the kids as we wander.


The restoration teams at the Trust commit to every project with great care, and our philosophy at Onacara is all about caring too. Around the gardens of the trust’s estates, you’ll find brightly coloured fresh flowers, thoughtfully planted and looked after with love. We also believe in sharing the beauty of fresh flowers, packaging them with care in every Onacara box. The National Trust believe that the little details matter, as they decorate every single corner of a room with the care they have for their surroundings. We love these thoughtful details at Onacara, knowing they often mean a lot more than we think.



We also believe in sharing the story of nature with our loved ones. Sending fresh flowers and gifts that come with their own stories inside helps us spread our message about the joys found in the natural world and the things that creative individuals do with the inspirations they give. Whether our items are handcrafted by artists in their studios, or the flowers we select have a deep symbolic meaning, we bring together these everyday stories and present them beautifully in a gift box that’s designed to delight.



As a member of The National Trust myself, I visit their parks and places year-round. There’s a lot of joy to be found in how they value art and history, and we get to entertain the kids as they learn. The flowers found around the parks give a great opportunity to teach the boys about the different kinds of flowers we see around us. Entering these lovely places is like becoming part of a storybook, where the story is read to us while we become a part of it ourselves.



My 5-year-old selected one of his favourite National Trust places as Ightham Mote. The 14th century moated manor house is like taking a trip back in time. With luscious green grass surrounding the historic yet fascinatingly well-preserved house, the manor was home to medieval knights and Tudors before graciously being handed over to the Trust.


Chartwell is another favourite between our boys, the family home and gardens of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Seasonally decorated with beautiful flowers and complemented with lovely walking trains, Chartwell is a stunning experience for kids of all ages. No matter what time of year you visit the space, you’ll be able to revel in its beauty with the whole family. It’s thanks to the National Trust that we are able to do explore these pieces of history, carefully frozen in time. Sharing these tales with our children helps them grow, learning about both history and the future as they understand the importance of looking after nature.


We make our love for the natural world more than just an appreciation. Onacara supports the environment by donating a portion of every gift box purchased to The National Trust. We do this in the hopes that we can make even a little difference, helping the trust to grow and preserve. This means they can introduce us to more beautiful spaces and stories over time.

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