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Monochromatic Set

What's in the box?

  • 2 Stems of Celosias Flowers 
  • Tulip shaped candle with coffee and sweet vanilla scent (D: 7 cm, H: 9 cm)
  • Black and white clutch bag, two sides have a different design ( Small size: 13cmX27cm ; Big Size 16cmX34cm )
  • Story Cards ( Collection Card, Product Card, Flower Card, Wish Card )

A vibrant design can make our day. Why not carry your vibrant personality around with you? This black and white clutch bag is the star of our Monochromatic set. The one-of-a-kind, handmade clutch bag adds a stunning contrast to any outfit. It’s bold, bright, and carefully crafted with its unique rounded shape.

After a day of standing out in style, sit back and relax. Light the tulip-shaped candle, sparking up delicious scents of energising coffee and sweet vanilla. The Monochromatic set is paired with vibrant Celosia flowers, another beautiful contrast to make us smile. A splash of nature’s colour against a black and white background; always a true fashion statement.

Monochromatic Set
Monochromatic Set
Monochromatic Set
Monochromatic Set