Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Onacara isn’t your run of the mill flower shop. We’re an online gift shop that specializes in selecting different artisanal products and styling them with fresh flowers. We are committed to delivering a touch of magic with each flower and artisanal gift box you order. Our handmade products and stylish floral arrangements will brighten any gloomy day and fill the air with sweetness.

Whether you’d like to put a smile on the face of your loved one or treat yourself with a unique present, Onacara’s gift boxes are the right choice.

We Are Dedicated to Beauty and Care

Onacara was established to simplify and enrich your life. Our unique gift boxes will help express your feelings without you needing to utter a word.

Each arrangement is carefully handpicked to ensure true beauty and perfection. The gift boxes combined with fresh flowers are accompanied by fascinating stories detailing the inspiration behind every product.

You will find beautiful story cards in each Onacara box. We write them with care, and we infuse magic and love into every word so you won’t have to.

When you order gift boxes from Onacara, you’ll enjoy on-time delivery and ensure that your present arrives when intended, even if you remembered to buy it at the very last moment. From the careful packaging to the handpicked floral combinations and unique artisanal products, your loved one will cherish every intricate detail of their Onacara gift box.

We Help Preserve Meaningful Stories

Our gift boxes combined with fresh flowers are designed to be so much more than beautiful products. They’re designed to evoke emotions and make a difference. They’re designed to tell stories.

We believe that every story is worth telling and worth remembering. That’s why we’ve partnered with the National Trust – a charity focused on heritage conservation in England. We want to preserve our beautiful countryside, valuable historic properties, and their unique stories that have been inspiring artists for centuries.

A portion of all Onacara’s sales goes to the National Trust, helping preserve some of our community’s most meaningful stories.

Our Artists Bring Enchanting New Elements

To deliver stylish products of the highest quality, Onacara has partnered with local, talented artists who are just as committed to their craft as we are. Nearly all our products are handmade and unique, which is what helps keep our customers coming back.

Our young artists and visionaries bring their magnificent ideas to life and spend hours designing each piece. As an organization, we strive to create an ideal environment for them to reach their maximum potential. Together, we can deliver the most stunning arrangements to our customers. 

Whether you want to surprise friends and family with thoughtful accessories and jewelry or enchanting decorations and handcrafted mugs, you can rest assured that each product was carefully designed to be simply breathtaking. Each Onacara gift box is a small work of art that tells a unique story of the people behind it.

Enrich Your Life With Onacara Artisanal Gift Boxes

Onacara’s artisanal gift boxes and floral arrangements are infused with love and passion. Every flower, handmade product, and accompanying story is inspiring and breathtaking. Enrich your life and brighten up your day with our elegant gift boxes.