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I’ve always loved giving and receiving gifts. As a child, I remember that magical moment when a package arrived just for me. I’d feel a rush of excitement as I started to unwrap. And curiosity and wonder as I lifted the lid and peeked inside the box...

…then the joy of holding it high, looking around, showing everyone what I’d got. That’s how lasting memories are created.

And behind every gift, there’s a beautiful story waiting to be told.


Our Passion

I started Onacara to share my passion for gift-giving, for stories, and for fragrant, fresh flowers. I realised the perfect gift is more than a ‘Thank You’, a ‘Happy Birthday’, or an ‘I Love You’.

It’s a story of friendship and love, of emotions and feelings wrapped around a beautiful, stylish, and thoughtful gift.


Our Vision

Finding beautiful, stylish, and thoughtful gifts for her, for him, or for that special someone in your life isn’t easy. It takes time and effort.

At Onacara we make it easy for you to find the perfect gift. A gift that speaks from your heart. A gift you know they’ll simply love.


Our Mission

We believe everyone should experience wonder and joy like I did that day. This is why at Onacara we spend our time searching for beautiful, stylish, and thoughtful gifts so you don’t have to.

Send something special, to that special someone, today.

Love and kindness,

Aysem Ober
Chief Gift Giver @ Onacara