Onacara creates heartwarming experiences for sharing with our loved ones. Our wish is to bring joy through the art of gift giving.

As storytelling is an important part of our ethos, I wanted to share some of the inspirations I had behind creating Onacara.

I love giving presents and writing letters. When I was little, I wrote to people all over the world, and that exciting experience of opening a letter from afar continues to inspire me. I can wholeheartedly express myself through stories and gifting; to my family, my friends and now, even my own children. I believe in the magical world of combining words and gifts, sharing my thoughts and sentiments with loved ones in a way that adds a personalised touch. However, we might have an idea of the present, but most of the times it’s difficult to find the perfect way to bring that idea to life and find the perfect combination. So, that’s why Onacara was born.

The first contact with any gift is the packaging, so our bespoke designs have been crafted to include a personalised note. Flowers have also always played a beautiful role in the art of gift giving. I found inspiration in the wonderful way that their heartwarming scent and meaningful beauty complements good design, too.

At Onacara, we believe a simple idea can be transformed through design, flowers and storytelling. This led to the creation of our beautiful gifting experience; one that will make everyone involved smile.

While creating Onacara, the challenges we were able to overcome meant our successes became more meaningful. Our story is built on the foundations of friendships, thoughts and experiences. Life is all about these close relationships, after all. In sharing the Onacara story, we hope to inspire you in uplifting your own loved ones. 

Our own lives are still evolving, just as Onacara will continue to evolve in the future.

All the while, we tell a story..

Aysem Ober, Founder of Onacara