Why You'll Love it

More than a flower

Flowers have always made a great surprise. But sometimes it's not enough! We want to add that extra special something when finding gifts for our loved ones. Discover our special products along with flowers.

Time Saver

Finding the perfect gift takes so much time. Thinking, searching, matching, packing. We invest our full time for this; so, you don’t have to.

Handmade Gift Selections

It's difficult to find handmade gifts on the high streets. We’re dedicated to supporting upcoming artists and combining their beautiful products with fresh flowers for you. With each artist’s box comes a story and makes your gift meaningful and special.

First contact with Onacara box - What do our customers say?

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Loved it! The neckless is amazing! And my flowers too. Thank you.

- H

What a lovely suprise! Thank you so much.

- Filiz

Such a lovely gift! Beautifully packed, all together. I loved the colours and style on packaging. Arrived on time!

- AT

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Caring for What We’re Passionate About

Donation to National Trust on every sale

At Onacara, we believe our own stories are woven into the spaces around us. Whether we’re surrounded by new fresh flowers, or historical artifacts… Every environment tells a different story. As a charity, the National Trust believes everyone should have access to meaningful spaces. As our own way of supporting Britain’s meaningful stories, we’ve decided to donate a portion of all Onacara sales to the National Trust.

Empowering Creative Talent

A key element of our ethos is to work closely with our handpicked product suppliers, helping to promote their products. We believe young visionaries should have their own voice. We’re dedicated to giving talented individuals the gentle push they need in the right direction.

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Our Sustainability Approach

We believe there is a great deal of love found on our planet, between both humans and nature. The future of our beloved planet is so important to us. Our aim is to use recycled and sustainable packaging wherever possible, making sustainable choices for the future. With each sale, we move closer to our goal of using recycled packaging and sustainable products. We hope you can continue to support our efforts.

Artist Collaboration at Onacara

We work closely with our handpicked product suppliers, helping to promote their products. We believe young visionaries should have their own voice. So we support them!

Ayse Habibe Kucuk

Sculptural ceramic artist. Working from her London studio, many of her handcrafted techniques are influenced by her family’s roots in lace making..

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Pepper You

Pepperyou creates handcrafted earrings, fittingly described as “little pieces of art for your ears.”

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Birnil Ceramics

We came across Birnil’s work and loved the sense of structural simplicity that her creations evoked. The mud was shaped with soft touches, and the colours were dressed in soft tones.

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