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Autumn flowers at home

Autumn Colour and Flowers Trends for Sprucing Up an Interior

 Autumn Colours Nikko

Autumn colours like deep reds and blues, deeper green and olive tones, with some orange and yellowish tinges and a dash of tan will rule this autumn season according to Pantone. And while the fashion world is busy getting inspiration for their outfits from the delicate changes of the trees and flowers of the forest, interior designers prefer using the real thing as the piece de resistance in rooms across the world. 

Using dry flowers, in particular, has quickly become one of the most popular autumn flower trends. A bouquet like this is a standing testament to the wondrous dying down of life before its winter slumber and a reminder that it will, yet again, be reborn in the spring.  

With that in mind, let’s go over some autumn flower designing trends that will transform any home into a veritable woodland wonderland this season.  

Earthy Reds and Orange Hues

autumn colours red orange

If you’re thinking along the lines of autumn-themed flowers and gifts, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better combination than tan earthy reds and rusty tones with a dash of green popping off a serene white background that you can find in our Playful Squirrel gift set. The titular squirrel is the embodiment of the autumn season and a mischievous little rascal at that, adding a touch of playfulness.  

Deep Reds and Blues 

Deep red blue home decor trend

Deep blue hues, and what Pantone is calling “true blue”, are all the rage this season, as are some of the more vibrant reds and effervescent off whites. These all come together wonderfully in our set of flowers and gifts for tea lovers – Teatime Moments. The seasonal flowers are set in a fluted glass vase and complemented by a small ceramic tea set, featuring a deep blue pattern on an off-white background.   

Dark Green and Wood

Dark green wood interior trend

No autumn ensemble would be complete without a more robust green base, from ultramarine to olive, and a variety of darker green shades. Playing on that theme, we offer you the Sculptural Oak set, with its elegant and understated Chincherinchee flowers, a rustic green candle with a minimalist wooden candle holder, and soothing floral print in a wooden rim. 

Tawny and Gentle Pink

Pink rose

The subtler pinkish roses are the centrepiece of any romantic autumn interior, coupled with accoutrements tinged in hues of pink and tawny. A beautiful example is our Romantic Rose set, in a darker pink pressed glaze vase, accompanied by a gentle pink candle contrasted by a matte black metal candle holder.  

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration for your autumn flower designing needs and that you’ll put a smile on someone’s face with one of these lovely gift ensembles.

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