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Looking Back on A Bittersweet Year

Looking Back on A Bittersweet Year


For us at Onacara, 2020 has been a bittersweet mixture of emotions.

Last year, I began creating a brand with a story. A heart-warming collection of gifts, celebrating the beauty of flowers and design… This idea of connecting through meaningful stories became the heart of the Onacara experience.

This year, however, has been full of unexpected surprises. As we stayed home, away from loved ones, we invented new ways to share experiences. We have found great joy in how Onacara has allowed many of you to share wonderful gifting stories with your loved ones. The beauty of connecting with words is now more valuable than ever.

Onacara has also been supporting two other things close to our hearts: nature and design. We have supported artists and designers through a difficult year, including their beautiful hand-crafted products in our Onacara collections and sharing their stories with you. We’ve also made donations to the National Trust, to help look after heritage sites and art collections in their care.

On a personal note, Onacara has created a new chapter in my life. Despite my passion for sharing these stories, creating a business during a pandemic has not been an easy venture. Although there have been hard times, I know I will look back on this year fondly, remembering extra time shared with my two boys. I will also remember the love shared in packaging your wonderful messages and gifts, combined with beautiful flowers that have brightened up our days.

As a bittersweet year draws to an end, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. We hope that we can continue to uplift one another, staying connected through wonderful stories.

Best Wishes,

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